Online Loyalist Treasures


General Studies on the Loyalists
o Wilber H. Siebert. The Flight of American Loyalists to the British Isles

o W. Stewart Wallace. The United Empire Loyalists: A Chronicle of the Great Migration

o Daniel Parker Coke. The Royal commission on the losses and services of American loyalists, 1783 to 1785, being the notes of Mr. Daniel Parker Coke, M.P., one of the commissioners during that period

Loyalist Media
o Loyalist Songs of the American Revolution

o Winthrop Sargent. The Loyalist Poetry of the Revolution

o Camps and Firesides of the Revolution, selected and annotated by Albert Bushnell Hart with the collaboration of Mabel Hill

o Tamara `Meezer' Clarke. Loyalty & Liberty, a webcomic on the American Revolution

Black Loyalist Sites
There are currently a number of useful sites on the history of black Loyalists and slaves, many of which utilize primary sources.

o Black Loyalist

o Black Loyalists: Our History, Our People

o Remembering Black Loyalists

o Black Loyalists in New Brunswick, 1783-1854

o Black Loyalist Heritage Society

o Black Loyalist

Aboriginals and Loyalists
o Contested Terrain: Aboriginal land petitions from colonial New Brunswick

Loyalist Military History
o James Phinney Baxter ed. The British invasion from the north. The campaigns of Generals Carleton and Burgoyne, from Canada, 1776-1777, with the journal of Liet. William Digby, of the 53d, or Shropshire regiment of foot

o Stephen Jarvis. An American's Experience in the British Army. Manuscript of Colonel Stephen Jarvis, Born in 1756, Revealing the Life of the Loyalists who Refused to Renounce their Allegiance to the King and Fought to Save the Western Continent to the British Empire

o Anthony Allaire. Diary of Lieut. Anthony Allaire, of Ferguson's Corp. Memorandum of Occurrences During the Campaign of 1780

o David Fanning. The narrative of Colonel David Fanning (a Tory in the revolutionary war with Great Britain): giving an account of his adventures in North Carolina, from 1775 to 1783

o William Scudder Stryker. A Journal of the Operations of The Queen's Rangers from the End of the Year 1777 to the Conclusion of the Late American War